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Established Techniques For Becoming Successful With Mobile phone Marketing and advertising
1 critical thing about portable marketing and advertising is you need to provide your substance within a exclusive approach if you wish to understanding their consideration and locking mechanism them in. In order to get started or increase your existing marketing plan, then this post is what you should go through.
You cannot have an mlm enterprise without a mobile phone. Your downline and possible indicator-ups have to truly feel you are readily available during normal company several hours, as well as a cellular phone provides you with the flexibility of having the ability to get out there and satisfy individuals without having lacking an individual call. A mobile phone will likely let you pick-up electronic mail on the run.
Help make your emails related. This is a vital element of mobile phone marketing. A message are often very personal and it disrupts a person whatever they can be during carrying out. Prevent re-purposing an e-mail. Your text must be brief and very relevant to the viewers which you are sending them to.
Take a look at cost-free mobile phone applications around the online and get many of these to provide your potential customers in your portable advertising campaign. Using a normal marketing campaign, you are able to supply stuff like free of charge digital books and white reports. Within the mobile phone planet, even so, people are truly thinking about software. Find some cool versions to provide totally free.
Reduce your urls, in both text kind and for QR rules. The greater difficult and lengthy the url is, the better complex your meaning or QR code will end up. Make these less difficult for people to get into through a Web address shortening internet site, and clients will likely be more content with the outcome.
To sum up, there is lots that enters into each and every unique division of mobile phone marketing and advertising in addition to the way to put into action it in general. Hopefully you gathered on at the very least several valuable ideas in this article and will be able to establish yourself up to get a wonderful marketing prepare.
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The confluence of the entry taught me sadly now deceased friend, trapper and athlete in one. Muscles do not acidify, oxygenated is the heart and throughout the body, improves the metabolism of cells existing monotonous march. The transition from trot to walk longer on a level that makes paradoxically has more power. During the course of the trees beautiful drives the deer. Four, five years old. Jumps on the left side of the road to the right, after a while to the left and set the picture. No, but! So to dawdle with the camera on your phone, that before I'm ready to step by step disappears behind the trees. I get angry at each other, but I perceive this as a good sign that I met him. I set off and after a while I get to the stream, in the vicinity of Salt Den. And here again I poutyskiwać for signs because Solna Jama somewhere, but I checked that the search of the wind. I do not have time to wander, so I move on. I think to myself: Another time. It begins with a short but sharp climb and sticks to stand the test perfectly, completely offsetting my initial skepticism. is time I take a deep breath, I assume poles for Nordic and I start. The first section of the sprzątanie biura event was Różankwygodniej march asphalt. Bitterling, village like at the end of the world. Recalls the Bieszczady villages, because he has the impression that the civilized dywan world has remained far away. I do not stop to admire the views, outside seconds on the images. Sticks to push me away zobacz and will soon go down to the asphalt road, past the center of the Society of Friends children disappear in the forest. I should mention that there ZnAI leads asphalt road, with a few commas through the fields on a winding road, a railway bridge. But I went not commas, because the dew had not yet dried up, moreover, m quite this section of road and go into the unknown. But to the truth uczynist on the map if they did not exist. There are only dense bushes and ukwiecona meadow. Marking of the route does not help, and lose precious time, because I can not march at a pace that c asphalt stretches quite a bit in Różance and sprzątanie biur wrocław Gniewoszów I know, because I visited them on the bike. However, the forest is a great unknown, which somehow makes me happy. Trees will give respite from the sun and silence. And soon almost wander, When you come to a clearing, and that's because the road that jemiałam planned to go the whole before pranie tapicerki meblowej dark. A moment of confusion, however, passes and I come across in the middle of the clearing thrown on a clump of spruce trees, in a tangle of branches of white-blue marker. After a while, I go back to the forest. Is slightly downhill. I do - the first of many - przetrucht to liven up your legs.
When the sun hid behind the ocean, Mouse felt tired many hours of flying. She decided to take a rest. Growing alone big baobab shadow and aroma of white flowers tempt hikers promise of rest. Mouse jumped to the first edge of a hollow tree and fell asleep sweetly. Her deep sleep interrupted by disturbing noise. The bottom of a hollow obsuwało by opening the Mouse deep, dark funnel. Falling mice resembled a journey deep into the earth. At the bottom of the long funnel Mouse saw little światełko.Prowadziło to wyjścia.W hole before Mouse spread a familiar sight. cleaning of is a human activity that requires very high precision to give much in czynnoś successful result of our work. The cleaning should take advantage of the expertise on companies ordinal just to be done with it, and to have someone professional to help us stances involving restoration. In addition to standard cleaning home All Clocks have a soul. They talk and listen. Responsible not proszone.Marzą and miss. Went to sleep and wake with snu.Raz never stopped ticking mycie okien wrocław just as it once was. Watchmaker story suddenly interrupted kot.Lotem Avers lightning ran to the strip the floor and put a hole in her deep hole sat nos.W Mysz.Nie was no wystraszona.Popiskiwała radośnie.Jej red tail ended brush like a lithe snake merrily podrygiwał.Kot zbaraniał first once he saw the mouse plant popiskiwanie odgonił hear the familiar cat. - Hey, baby! Can you go into środka.Zegarmistrz Mouse gently pulled out of the hole and przytulił.Mysz scanned the old lying on a table clock. -Uzdrowić It can only someone sensitive dotyk.Poradzę yourself and the clock - she said mysteriously and sprzątanie wrocław smiled knowingly to use just to take care of other segments where we are not cope because we do not have expensive very expensive equipment dedicated to the usługi.W today's games do not have time to clean up the apartment, through the busy and willingness to sacrifice our free time close to or sacrifice free time to his hobby. To wash the car sprzątanie mieszkań wrocław in the house should be only need to order the appropriate company that will carry out this type of exemplary service without superfluous complications. How or where to look for good company?
When looking for a partner model to clean house is a great option will look for it by newspapers family just to reduce the risk of getting hit on the poor doer bar A very interesting approach to business ordinal seasonal offers a well-known company in London at the market near the bathrooms.
opieka nad grobami wrocławhe trail crosses the road connecting the village with the village Hammers Warbler. I'm out in the woods. In the forest, the forest. In the nursery, you might say. The road is monotonous and its getting to me first doubt. I go and go. So it goes. Monotony of the landscape is overwhelming. Although I love the forest, I try not to slow down the pace. After you get to know some details that I came here before on another occasion, and the other side, but it was a long time ago and I'm not sure. Slightly uphill march like, but actually gives you a hard time on the flat legs. Summit Bieśca so welcome with great joy. Then I pass on Crossroads and enter, as it turned out, even more difficult section of the trail. He leads the compacted gravel and asphalt, slightly downhill, what more tired than climbing the steep peak. Over the road trembles heated air, getting to me a second fatigue and despair. In my head I accept a plan B, or access only to shelter under the mouflon, as the most realistic. Fortunately for me, the blue trail when Justine and crosses the road leads straight to the shelter already under mouflon, it turns out uncured and
firma porządkowa wrocław Objectively speaking, my strength indicate that I could go on. Who knows, maybe I would have done hundreds, if it was a long day, or earlier if the march began. I am also efficient on the mind and ntkie other facts pushes into the shadows. I repeat again. Euphoria bursting with me and I wish now that is not in the middle of the pedestrian yelled that I had won. I wish that no one was waiting for me with congratulations. On the other hand, it may better and the more greater satisfaction, because the motivation for the march was a very different, more elusive iewyobrażalnie happy. But the words and so will not give up that feeling. You have to yourself, to feel it. I beat not only the distance, but myself, doubt and fear. And so I think I'm the first in the history of the man who defeated the distance in that time, and one day. The fact that I'm a woman and that I made, wszysi difficult. I was then unfortunately and sadly, it's already ... that tomorrow there will be a normal day ... that's what was on the trail of the best ... and finally, that even the pictures will not be able to give back what I felt

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Choosing the desktop computer can be a difficult process for just about everyone. Whoever, by getting an excellent quantity of expertise on the subject just before buying, it might indeed be accomplished. Keep reading for some beneficial guidance for investing in a pc that can meet the requirements of your household and you. If you should be going to be doing some improvements for your desktop computer be sure to soil oneself before beginning focusing on your computer. An easy fix of fixed electricity may be more than enough to fry your motherboard. You'll be placing your whole program in danger if you do not ground yourself. Try constructing your own computer. In place of buying a computer ready made from a organization that is huge, try constructing your personal computer. you can get support online, although this seems challenging. You'll find that building your own computer helps you spend less, and allows you to create something in line with your requirements. Produce a listing of everything you want to utilize your computer before you buy a fresh desktop computer for. Are you experiencing a kid who'll need to do schoolwork or would you love to enjoy with games online? You'll want to obtain a product that not simply gets the correct software installed to your requirements, but is likewise rapidly enough to perform the applications you enjoy using.

Do not get suckered into gaming pc computers if you'ren't a gamer. These computers have now been souped-up together with the largest and baddest video cards, sound cards. This energy is significant overkill if all-you do is email and light photography. You're greater spending your cash over a computer that is reduced and investing in some peripherals. When it comes time to purchase a desktop computer, look around. Maybe you are amazed to seek out outlets usually have sales on computers, and sometimes, the computer you desire will be at a much lower value at-one store versus another shop. You could also elect to look on-line to discover which of one's area stores are having income. Shopping for a computer constantly provides the question of which kinds of accessories or addons are not unnecessary and that are not. Take time to learn which items are incorporated with the computer itself so that you do not end wasting money on equipment that is repetitive up a savvy merchant convinced you was imperative to have. Before you buy a computer, think about everything you plan to do with it ukash virus fix . Figure out if you should be only going to put it to use for function, play. You should look at media and the plans that you might want to utilize. Verify the desktops that you want to ensure graphics cards and the audio cards are enough to support them. You may need at least 4GB of Memory, if you need to run several plans at once. Should you only want to do easy jobs, significantly less than 4GB is going to be fine. Want to play game titles? Above to make certain your activities aren't lagged and search for 10GB and hard to perform.

Simply how much hard disk place do you want? Look at the styles available in terms of just how many photos they're able to keep for a straightforward reference. A 500GB hard drive contains 100,000 photographs, for even the equivalent of 38 hours of movie 000 MP3 tunes, or example, that is more than enough for some. Be sure the software that comes with it's appropriate while buying fresh desktop. Disc and the main element must always come with your purchase so you do not encounter difficulties or legal difficulties receiving software revisions later. What sort of net connection are you considering applying? This can be a crucial question to reply because it has to have the best hardware to get in touch when you search for a pc. Your alternatives are usually wifi, bluetooth or ethernet, that need a particular system for connecting. If small business or a home office involves more than one pc computers, many people also have a notebook or iPad for ease. All of the computers may share info and the most crucial applications, rendering it possible for sales representatives to keep associated with their office while from the trail.

Watch out for what type of design chipset it has, while buying computer system. Ch it could not be tender to buy the proper desktop computer to your requirements. But, if you invest some time perusing information-such as that observed above, it is possible to succeed. Ideally this informative article has provided the sorts of observations you require to produce a conclusion that'll make you happy.

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Game titles help give an enjoyable action to play with friends, reduce anxiety, or pass time. Video gaming are ideal for a lot of jobs from shedding a little fat, to getting in a mindset to get advertised at the job! Use the tips here to generate your gambling experience a superb one. Choose rechargeable battery on your wireless gaming operator. You can purchase almost any control rechargeable energy supplies. Should you plan to enjoy with video games regularly, you will be consuming through a small fortune while in the batteries used-to operate your controllers. A battery can help you save plenty of money in the future. If you're playing with a shooting, create each one of your photographs actually rely. Many novice participants make the error of permitting round out after round and merely contracting that trigger. Quickly you'll be empty with nothing to show for it. Rather wait for exercise patience and a definite shot overall. You'll be recognized.

If you should be playing an RPG game, make an effort to speak with one other heroes in the game. All the period what they state is unhelpful to your ultimate objectives. But, periodically, you will strike against gold. Thus, the little expenditure of time may be worth the massive compensation you will get in case you persevere. Save your sport around you are able to. Although vehicle-saving is a great feature, don't rely on it. Particularly, when you first start playing with a casino game, you might have no idea when the game saves, which could cause a loss of knowledge that is crucial later on. Before the sport is understood by you generally save. Avoid until they are a well liked purchasing the costly version of games. Many times, video games will have a unique version, nevertheless it is not necessary as a way to enjoy with the game to have. You still enjoy it and can cut costs on the gaming, by not buying the special release. Before playing a fresh video game, see the cheat guide. Most activities possess a guide you can buy individually. You might want to contemplate reading it even while you are enjoying, or before you perform and doing this. By doing this, you will get one of the most from the game play.

Save money on game titles through online re sellers or auction sites. Many websites like Ebay provide a wide variety of video-games at significantly discounted prices. Look for sellers who've a highly positive ranking from many customers. It is a smart way to extend your gambling bucks.
Consider getting gaming products used. Get used goods, to assist you cut costs and conserve the surroundings. You can often find top eleven token hack used games game techniques and other things you need or want. Sometimes look online or in a nearby videogame retailer that sells used gambling products.
If your youngster and videogames play, it's essential that you view what your youngster does or atleast try these games oneself. Try the activities out, watching your child perform; play in addition to them. They'll feel wonderful while they notice you want together to recreation. It's always good to obtain strong experience.
Do not enable video games you're never likely to play again stack up. Receive them towards the game anything. Possibly deal them it at your closest video-game store or promote them at a disc/film shop that is used. You can also list them online via listing that is classified or an auction.
Where you've difficulty improving, it is rather frequent to reach a tough repair in virtually any type of video-game. This experience can be extremely annoying! As opposed to bashing your mind contrary to the dilemma over again and position over, take a split and set the sport aside to get a short while. You'll probably handle the specific situation greater when you return to it refreshed. Contemplate going to someplace out of town that has a video video. Just about everyone performs game titles by himself by himself program these days. Likely to a in an alternative locale may accomplish socialization and human connection.

Before you decide that you have gotten all there's to have from a specific movie game, have a look at the extra material which can be found right inside the game. Many contemporary games provide alternate modes of play content that are just available after you've built extensive advancement however game. You could possibly find much time of enjoyment left in a-game you believed you were completed with!
Retain a filet knife on hand to help open the package, if you purchase a large amount of games. Today, there are lots of protection actions obtained when appearance items, which may create opening very difficult. The last issue you'll want to have happen could be the failure to play with a game as you cannot it start. Is the sport you are playing have you ever confused? Move from the sport, although it is difficult to achieve this. Should you take a split will range yourself and keep coming back in a time, you will possess a distinct intellect and become willing to perform properly. There are most likely specific activities or genres you prefer greater than others. You don't must prohibit oneself to at least one specific genre. Try-out unique styles of games every once in a while. You may find one you truly want to play. Ensure that when you're currently playing with technique games, to pay for focus on the sport clues and assistance which are around the screen. This help to put you in an improved location to conquer on the sport and could lead you while in the appropriate way. Always be detail-oriented and take all the clues presented. You'll be able to appreciate video gaming justforfun, or you can get a full world of enrichment and training . Ideally, you 've learned quite a bit about video gaming below and therefore are now prepared to employ what you've mastered.

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Czy sprzątanie jest bardzo trudnym zadaniem dla osób w starszym wieku?
sprzątanie to czynność wymagająca od człowieka bardzo dużej precyzji aby dało bardzo udany efekt naszej pracy. W sprzątaniu warto skorzystac z pomocy specjalistycznej pani sprzątającej po to aby mieć problem z głowy oraz aby ktoś profesjonalny pomógł nam w czynnościach związanych z porządkowaniem. Oprócz standardowego sprzątania mieszkania ludzie decydują się skorzystać z rozszeżonej oferty w której w skład może wejść taka usługa jak: pranie dywanów wrocław po to aby zadbać o inne segmenty gdzie sami nie jesteśmy sobie poradzić bo nie dysponujemy profesjonalnym sprzętem dedykowanym do danej usługi.W dzisiejszych czasach nie mamy czasu aby sprzątać mieszkanie,poprzez zapracowanie i chęć poświęcenia wolnego czasu naszym bliskim lub poświęceniu wolnego czasu na swoje hobby. Aby wyprać dywan w domu należy zamówić odpowiednią firmę, która tego typu usługę przeprowadzi wzorowo bez zbednych komplikacji. Skąd lub gdzie szukać znanej firmy?
Przy poszukiwaniu dobrego partnera w porządkach idealnym rozwiązaniem będzie poszukanie go poprzez internet po to aby ograniczyć ryzyko trafienia na słabego wykonawce usług dla naszego salony fryzjerskiego Jesteśmy jedną firmy Usługi g w, refront kilku innowacji czyszczenia, pionierskiej technologii mikrowłókien, zielone usług sprzątania i elektronicznego pomiaru czasu. Mamy nawet własną rękę w domu patrząc po niektórych z największych sek prywatnego i publicznego, kiedy zaczęliśmy powyżej 55 roku działa trwałych usług czyszczących handlowych w każdym sektorze można myśleć, w tym handlu, handlu, wydarzeń i rekreacja, transport, HealthcarProfesjonalne sprzątanie zobaczyć i nazwy żywności mator. Ale, jako klient Mitie, będzie nadal otrzymywać samof największą ostrożność i uwagę jako cleanine klienci didnufacturing. Mamy czyste oddziały banków, sklepów, znanych na całym świecie szpitale i międzynarodowe lotniska, jak również duże urzędy i małych pojedynczych przedsiębiorstw.rvices, że można polegać naCzy trzeba cleabeen biurze w usługach fning dla sieci oddziałów, lub po prostu mycie okien na samodzielny budynek? Po prostu zostaw go do nas - my pomagamy ludziom jak ty od dziesięcioleci.Mamy oto włączenie zasad mA do wszystkiego, co robimy.

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Róże odgrywają główne role w historii . kwiaciarnia Poznań
bukiet jest jednym z ślubu; w związku z tym, należy wykorzystywać odpowiednie kwiaty w celu dawać wesele elegancki wygląd . kwiaty Białystok
nie są oczywiście wrażliwe na światło słoneczne podczas kibicowania i wolą chłodne, słabym oświetleniu | | Te żarówki nie .

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 Mkurugenzi wa Mamlaka ya Mawasilino Tanzania, Prof. John Nkoma, akimkabidhi Cheti cha kuhitimu mafunzo ya siku mbili,mmiliki wa mtandao huu wa Sufianimafoto, Muhidin Sufiani, baada ya kumalizika kwa mafunzo hayo yaliyoandaliwa na Mamlaka ya Mawasiliano, yaliyoanza Septemba 17  huku yakiwashirikisha mabloger mbalimbali kutoka mikoa tofauti ya nchini.
  Mkurugenzi wa Mamlaka ya Mawasilino Tanzania, Prof. John Nkoma, akimkabidhi Cheti cha kuhitimu mafunzo ya siku mbili,mmiliki wa mtandao wa Bongo Celeblate, Jeff Msangi, baada ya kumalizika kwa mafunzo hayo yaliyoandaliwa na Mamlaka ya Mawasiliano.
 Othman Michuzi, akipokea cheti.
 Shamim Mwasha, akipokea cheti.
 Cathbert Kajuna, akipokea cheti...
 Dj Choka, akipokea cheti.
 Maxence Melo, kipokea cheti.
 Sinta, akipokea cheti.
 Mmiliki wa Mtandao wa Sufianimafoto, Muhidin Sufiani (kulia) akiwa na mmiliki wa Mtandao wa Bongo Celeblate, Jaff Msangi, wakati wa semina maalum kwa wamiliki na waendeshaji wa mitandao pendwa Bloggers, iliyoandaliwa na Mamlaka ya Mawasiliano TCRA,
 Mmiliki wa Mtandao wa Mbeya Yetu, Joseph Mwaisango, akichangia moja ya mada zilizokuwa zikitolewa katika semina hiyo.
 Innocent Mungy wa TCRA, akizungumza wakati wa mafunzo hayo.....
 Jestina george, akichangia mada
 Jeff Msangi, akichangia mada.
 Maxence, akichangia mada.
 Mtoa mada, Liz wachuka, akitoa mada...
 Sehemu ya waliohudhuria semina hiyo...
 Mafunzo yakiendelea 
 Mike Mushi, wa jamii forum, akitoa mada
 Mabloger, wakiwa makini kunasa kila kinachozungumzwa.
 Mtoa mada, Dotto Kuhenga, akitoa mada
 Mtoa mada, Pili, akitoa mada
picha ya pamoja baada ya mafunzo.
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b2ap3_thumbnail_1209265_633355296685355_8074930_n.jpgKwa hali ilivyo katika Bunge letu la Tanzania hivi sasa ni kama mataifa ya wenzetu embu tutazame video hizi tufananishe na Bunge letu Tanzania



Haya ndio mabunge ya wenzetu je hili la kwetu likifikia huko litakuaje?


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b2ap3_thumbnail_2_20130817-195058_1.jpgMakamu wa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania, Dkt. Mohammed Gharib Bilal, akizungumza na Ujumbe wa Taasisi na Ulinzi wa Ikolojia kutoka nchini China, wakati ujumbe huo ulipofika Ofisini kwake Ikulu jijini Dar es Salaam, leo Agosti 17, 2013 kwa ajili ya kumkabidhi Tuzo ya Utunzaji wa Mazingira.


b2ap3_thumbnail_4_20130817-195112_1.jpgMakamu wa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania, Dkt. Mohammed Gharib Bilal, akivishwa Tuzo ya Utunzaji wa Mazingira na Kiongozi wa Ujumbe huo, Dkt. Jiang Ningjun..

b2ap3_thumbnail_5_20130817-195121_1.jpgMakamu wa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania, Dkt. Mohammed Gharib Bilal, akipokea Cheti cha utunzaji wa Mazingira kutoka kwa Kiongozi wa Ujumbe huo..

b2ap3_thumbnail_6_20130817-195138_1.jpgMakamu wa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania, Dkt. Mohammed Gharib Bilal, akiwa katika Picha ya pamoja kwa kumbukumbu na ujumbe huo baada ya mazungumzo na makabidhiano ya Tuzo hiyo. Ikulu Dar leo...


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b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_0778.jpgRais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete akiweka saini katika kitabu cha maombolezo huku Mama Salma Kikwete akisubiri zamu yake wakati walipokwenda kuomboleza na kufariji wafiwa  kwa msiba wa Katibu Mkuu wa Ikulu mstaafu Marehemu Abel Mwaisumo aliyefariki huko India alikokuwa anatibiwa. Hapa ni nyumbani kwa marehemu Oysterbay jijini Dar es salaam.

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_0785.jpgMama Salma Kikwete akiweka saini katika kitabu cha maombolezo wakati walipokwenda kuomboleza na kufariji wafiwa  kwa msiba wa Katibu Mkuu wa Ikulu mstaafu Marehemu Abel Mwaisumo, nyumbani kwa marehemu Oysterbay jijini Dar es salaam.

b2ap3_thumbnail_mwesi21.jpgMama Salma Kikwete akifariji wafiwa...

b2ap3_thumbnail_mwesi191.jpgRais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete na  Mama Salma Kikwete pamoja na viongozi wengine wakiomboleza na kufariji wafiwa  katika  msiba..

b2ap3_thumbnail_mwesi21_20130817-193856_1.jpgRais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete na  Mama Salma Kikwete wakitoa heshima za mwisho kwa mwili wa Katibu Mkuu wa Ikulu mstaafu Marehemu Abel Mwaisumo

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b2ap3_thumbnail_1_20130813-150009_1.jpgMakamu wa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania, ambaye pia ni Mlezi wa Shirikisho la Michezo la Mashirika ya Umma na Makampuni Binafsi Tanzania, (SHIMUTA) Dkt. Mohammed Gharib Bilal, akipokea Nyaraka za Katiba ya Shirikisho hilo, kutoka kwa Mwenyekiti wake, Khamis Mkanachi, wakati Uongozi huo ulipofika Ofisini kwake Ikulu jijini Dar es Salam, leo Agosti 13, 2013 kwa ajili ya mazungumzo. Katikati ni Naibu Katibu wa Makamu wa Rais Mohamed Khamis..

b2ap3_thumbnail_4_20130813-150021_1.jpgMakamu wa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania, ambaye pia ni Mlezi wa Shirikisho la Michezo la Mashirika ya Umma na Makampuni Binafsi Tanzania, (SHIMUTA) Dkt. Mohammed Gharib Bilal, akizungumza na Viongozi wa Shirikisho, wakati Uongozi huo ulipofika Ofisini kwake Ikulu jijini Dar es Salaam.

b2ap3_thumbnail_5_20130813-150030_1.jpgMakamu wa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania, ambaye pia ni Mlezi wa Shirikisho la Michezo la Mashirika ya Umma na Makampuni Binafsi Tanzania, (SHIMUTA) Dkt. Mohammed Gharib Bilal, akiwa katika picha ya pamoja na Viongozi wa Shirikisho hilo

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b2ap3_thumbnail_6gb.JPGShekh Ponda akitambulishwa jukwaani...

b2ap3_thumbnail_6_20130811-110207_1.JPGShekh Ponda akitoa neno jukwaani...


 Kwa habari zaidi soma hap>>>>>>>


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b2ap3_thumbnail_k2.jpgRais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete katika picha ya pamoja na Kiongozi wa taasisi ya International Youth Foundation (IYF) ya Korea Kusini Ock Soo Park Ikulu jijini Dar es salaam leo..

b2ap3_thumbnail_4--waziri-akiperuzi-kijaridakush-na-kulia-ni-Mch-Park.JPGWaziri wa Habari, Vijana , Utamaduni na Michezo Dkt Fenella Mukangara (kushoto)akibadilishana mawazo na Mwanzilishi wa kikundi cha kimataifa cha Vijana(IYF) Mchungaji Mwandamizi Ock Soo Park (kulia) kutoka nchini Korea leo ofisini kwake baada ya kumaliza kongamano la vijana pamoja na shughuli mbalimbali pamoja utiaji wa saini ya mikataba ya ushirikiano.

b2ap3_thumbnail_3--waziri-shoto-akipokea-jarida-kutoka-kwa-Mch.-ock-soo-park.JPGWaziri wa Habari , Vijana , Utamaduni na Michezo Dkt Fenella Mukangara (kushoto) akipokea kijarida kutoka kwa Mwanzilishi wa kikundi cha kimataifa cha Vijana kutoka Korea(IYF) Mchungaji Mwandamizi Ock Soo Park (kulia) leo baada ya kufanya mazungumzo na kumuaga baada ya kumaliza kongamano la vijana nchini Tanzania..

b2ap3_thumbnail_3-kubad.JPGNaibu Katibu Mkuu wa Wizara ya Habari , Vijana , Utamaduni na Michezo Bibi Sihaba Nkinga(kulia) akibadilishana hati za makubaliano ya mikataba ya ushirikiano na Mwanzilishi wa kikundi cha kimataifa cha Vijana kutoka Korea(IYF) Mchungaji Mwandamizi Ock Soo Park (kushoto) leo jijini Dar es Salaam. Mchungaji Mwandamizi huyo ambae ametia saini kwa niaba ya kikundi cha IYF(International Youth Fellowship) . Hafla hiyo pia ilishuhudiwa na Waziri wa Habari , Vijana , Utamaduni na Michezo Dkt. Fenella Mukangara(katikati).

b2ap3_thumbnail_4--Mkur-Elisante-Ole-Gabriel-akiongea-kulia.JPGMkurugenzi wa Idara ya Vijana kutoka Wizara ya Habari, Vijana, Utamaduni na Michezo,Dkt, Elisante Ole Gabriel (kulia)akiongea katika hafla ya kutiliana saini mikataba ya ushirikiano leo jijini Dar es Salaam baina ya Wizara yake na Kikundi cha Kimataifa cha Vijana kutoka Korea (IYF).Pichani aliekaa katikati ya bendera ni Waziri wa Habari, Vijana, Utamaduni naMichezo Mh,Dkt. Fenella Mukangara.( kulia aliokaa) Ni Naibu Katibu Mkuu wa Wizara hiyo, Bibi Sihaba Nkinga. (kushoto) Mwanzilishi wa IYF , Mchungaji Mwandamizi Ock Soo Park kutoka kanisa la Good News Gangnam. Seoul Korea.



Baadhi ya vijana wa kikundi cha IYF kutoka korea wakiohudhuria katika hafla hiyo leo jijini Dar es Salaam.

b2ap3_thumbnail_6--waziri-akikabidhiwa-tuzo-kulia.JPGWaziri wa Habari, Vijana , Utamaduni na Michezo.Mh. Dkt. Fenella Mukangara (kulia) akipokea Tuzo kutoka kwa Mwanzilishi wa IYF ya Korea Ock Soo Park , ambae pia ni Mchungaji Mwandamizi wa Kanisa laGood News Gangnam.Dhumuni ya tuzo hiyo ni kwaajili yakumpongeza Mh,Waziri huyo kwa jitihada za kazi zake .

b2ap3_thumbnail_7.JPGWaziri akishukuru kwa kupewa Tuzo

b2ap3_thumbnail_5--waziri-Fenellakush-akiagana-na-Mch-kark-kulia-na-kati-Mkurugenzi-elisante.JPGWaziri wa Habari, Vijana , Utamaduni na Michezo Dkt. Fenella Mukangara(kushoto) akiagana na Mwanzilishi wa AYF, Mchungaji Mwandamizi Ock Soo Park kutoka kanisa la Good News Gangnam kutoka nchini Korea baada ya kumaliza mazungumzo ya kikazi.(Pichani katikati) Ni Mkurugenzi wa Idara ya Michezo katika Wizara ya Habari, Vijana, na Michezo Dkt, Elisante Ole Gabriel.

b2ap3_thumbnail_6--elisante-kush-akiagana-na-Mchu.JPGMkurugenzi wa Idara ya Vijana kutoka Wizara ya Habari, Vijana, Utamaduni na Michezo,Dkt, Elisante Ole Gabriel (kushoto)akiagana leo Ofisini kwa Waziri wa Habari, Vijana, Utamaduni na Michezo na Mwanzilishi wa IYF , Mchungaji Mwandamizi Ock Soo Park kutoka kanisa la Good News Gangnam. Seoul Korea.(kulia) baada ya kumaliza mazungumzo .

b2ap3_thumbnail_k1.jpgRais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete katika picha ya pamoja na Kiongozi wa taasisi ya International Youth Foundation (IYF) ya Korea Kusini Mchungaji Ock Soo Park pamoja na Waziri wa Habari, Vijana, Utamaduni na Michezo Dkt Fenella Mukangara na ujumbe wa IYF Ikulu jijini Dar es salaa

b2ap3_thumbnail_k3.jpg Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete akijadili chapisho la kitabu na Kiongozi wa taasisi ya International Youth Foundation (IYF) ya Korea Kusini Mchungaji Ock Soo Park aliyemtembelea Ikulu jijini Dar es salaam leo. Kushoto ni mkalimani.

b2ap3_thumbnail_8--group-picture.JPGPicha ya Pamoja..


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Army Nando awasili Los Angeles, California
 Mpiganaji Davis Mosha, Edgar D. Mosha, Mayor wa L.A. Deo Temba (Katikati nyuma) na Army Nando
  Mpiganaji Davis Mosha akimpa ushauri Army Nando kuwa asahau yaliyopita na aangalie ya mbele na kumweleza kuwa hiyo ilikuwa ni mchezo tu (It was just a game)
 Nancy Assenga ( Mama wa Army Nando), Army Nando, na Deo Temba L.A. Mayor
 Mayor wa L.A. Deo Temba, Army Nando, Nancy Assenga (Mama na Meneja) na Mkurugenzi mtendaji wa Swahili TV Bwana Alex Kassuwi mara baada ya kumpokea Nando Los Angeles, California.
 Juliet Luangisa, Army Nando na Nancy Assenga (Mama na Meneja wa Nando)
Mkurugenzi Mtendaji Swahili TV Bwana Alex Kassuwi, Army Nando, Walter Minja, Deo Temba na Nancy Assenga-Meneja wa Nando wakiwa na nyuso za furaha mara baada ya kumpokea Army Nando Marekani.
 Mpiganaji "THE CEO" Davis Mosha katika msafara aliwakaribisha pia chakula cha jioni watanzania zaidi ya ishirini katika hoteli ya bei ghali L.A. Yard House ambayo ipo Downton katikati ya Uwanja wa Lakers (Staples Center) na JW Marriott Hoteli.
 Army Nando na Nancy Assenga (Mama mzazi na Meneja wake) wakifurahia chakula katika Yard House Hoteli Downtown L.A.
 Mayor wa L.A. Deo Temba naye aliwakilisha jiji lake.


Juliet Luangisa na Walter Minja wakiburudika kwa misosi ya Yard House.









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 Umati wa watu wakiwa katika maandalizi ya sikukuu katika mitaa ya kariakoo...



b2ap3_thumbnail_DSC_0072.JPGKwa hali hii wale wazazi ambao wanapenda kutembea na watoto huku si wanawaacha kwenye mitaa ya kariakoo!!...



b2ap3_thumbnail_DSC_0091.JPGBiashara imeonekana kuwa nzuri zaidi baada ya wafanya biashara kupanga bidhaa zao juu ya magari yaliyoegeshwa pembezoni mwa barabara..Picha zote zimepigwa na Ismail Mohamed, Meshack Mwasile na Benedictor Chagga ni wanafunzi wa TSJ..

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C9 Kanjenje producera machachali akiwa ndani ya studio yake ya C9 record iliyopo Kinondoni Manyanya jijini Dar es Salaam.





Shuguli za ufungaji zinaendelea C9, Eric na Ami’s touch wakifunga nyaya za sauti katika mixer kwa ajili ya kuanza kazi rasmi.










Ami’s touch na Eric wakifunga mic katika studio za c9 record Kinondoni Manyanya jijini Dar es Salaam tayari kwa kuanza kazi rasmi..

b2ap3_thumbnail_19_20130729-160325_1.jpgHii ndio studi ya C9 ikiwa katika ufungaji wa vifaa wa mwisho mwisho jana kwa ajili ya kuanza kazi...

b2ap3_thumbnail_17_20130729-160255_1.jpg"Make music not war" ujumbe huu lazima uuone ukiwa unaingia katika studio hiyo..




b2ap3_thumbnail_15_20130729-163908_1.jpgJAMANIII MAMBO TAYARI!!! Hivyo ndivyo asemavyo C9 Kanjenje a.k.a C9 one  baada ya kukamilisha baadhi ya ufungaji wa vifaa katika studio yake jana.

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_8903.jpgMzee wa kazi nae hakuwa nyuma Msafiri Shabani kutoka Kwetu Studio akichukua matukio kwa ajili ya documentary hapo jana..









Hiki ndio kinanda watakachotumia wanafunzi watakaokuwa wanajifunza utengenezaji wa muziki..




b2ap3_thumbnail_21_20130729-164421_1.jpgJamanii!!vifaa vipo vya kutosha njooni mrikodi hapa, magitaa ambayo yatatumika studio hapo...



b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_8975.jpgNgoja tutest...Vifaa viko sawa


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Producer mdogo anayetikisa jiji la Dar es Salaam C9 Kanjenje leo amezindua rasmi studio yake maeneo ya Kinondoni Manyanya jijini Dar es Salaam itakayokwenda kwa jina la C9 RECORD.


b2ap3_thumbnail_22_20130728-194732_1.jpgC9 akiwa na producer msaidizi Amis Touch katika studio ya C9 Record leo wakiwa wanafunga vifaa kwa ajili ya kuanza kazi rasmi..


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